The New York Serenaders FINALLY perform at Stuart Pushkin’s NJ Doo-Wop Group Harmony Singers Club

While a couple of us have attended Stu’s event this is the first time we had the thrill of performing at this renown gathering of Doo Wop fans and performers.

Doo Wop Dan performs The Desires’ “I Wanna Rendezvous with You”

Hot-Rodd performs The Cadillacs’ “Gloria”

Ronnie D performs The Drifters’ “True Love”


The New York Serenaders had the honor of sharing the stage at this NJ Doo-Wop Group Harmony Singers Club. North Jersey’s “Party of Five” graced the stage and  Stu’s very own house resident group “Still Around” from NY and NJ added their considerable talents. Add to that Stu’s tradition of inviting doo-wop singers and groups from all around the tri-state area like MC Hattie Winterfield andCarlos Vazquez (Our resident sound man also a singer). If attending for a very fun day go on events page and select going and how many. Thank you Pat and Stu Pushkin for keeping Doo-Wop singing alive.