DooWop Dan

Dan "DooWop Dan" Juhn
Dan “DooWop Dan” Juhn

was brought up in a musical family and so has music in his DNA. Dan’s Dad was an accomplished Opera singer who would often lend his booming baritone and hypnotizing cello performances to military audiences around the world. Ernest met Dan’s Mother, Ruth at an operatic social club in Dusseldorf where the two would perform operettas, plays and arias in the noble Viennese tradition.

With pedigree like that, Dan’s musical bent was a foregone conclusion. He was trained in the classical method, learning to breathe and project with raw power to fill a concert hall with song.

Dan joined the United Group in Harmony Association (UGHA) in the late eighties and was instrumental in the founding of the Bayside Queens Acapella group “The Di-Poles”.

Dan is a musical “Jack-of-All-Trades”. He’s spun records in some of the hottest spots in New York City and played Master of Ceremonies to some of the brightest new talents in Dance and R&B.

Dan has entertained innumerable crowds in the tri-state area and even as far as his ancestral roots in Munich. His distinct timbre and awesome range are now part of the New York Serenaders sound and we are proud to call him one of us.