HotRodd_Solo_DSCN3633Rodd “Hot-Rodd” Marcus was brought up with a love of Doo Wop music listening to WCBS FM in New York from the time it launched its “All Oldies” format in 1972. Rodd was instantly smitten with Doo Wop music while on long drives into the city with his Dad, Bernie.

Rodd went to Parsons School of Design and was immediately swept into the creative scene of Manhattan. But it wouldn’t be until July of 2010 that Rodd found a flyer in the entryway of a Duane Reade inviting Acapella Singers to join a vocal group. That group came to be known as “The Streetlites”. This was the opportunity Rodd was looking for since he was a little boy singing to the tunes he loved growing up. He was honored to be selected to be the permanent lead and The Streetlites set out to perfect their act.

When The Streetlites called it a day in 2011 Rodd was once again given the opportunity to grab a mic and serenade audiences as an occasional guest singer with the perennial and historied bar band “The Flying Dogs of Jupiter” by his friend and fellow Streetlite alumnus Al Grigg. The Flying Dogs repertoire was ever changing and exciting. Rodd might be asked to sing “House of the Rising Sun” one night and Elvis’ “Love Me” the next.

In mid 2011 while singing in Washington Square Park with the usual folks he met the other members of The New York Serenaders and the rest is history.