Our Repertoire

We Take Requests… Sorta’

If you can find the song you want to hear us perform on this list you are in luck. Our standards are high so in the interest of doing these classics right we generally stick to our known repertoire and don’t stray. We are committed to giving you performances that honor the original composers and artists in an effort to keep Doo Wop music alive. This is the growing list of songs we have performed for our fans throughout our great city’s public spaces and private events:

The Angels Listened In
Just To Be With You
True Love (If You Cry)
This Magic Moment
How Sentimental Can I Be?
Book Of Love
I Wonder Why?
Daddy’s Home
Glory of Love
This Is My Love
Every Day Of The Week
So Young
New York Serenader
I’m So Happy
Sunday Kind of Love
The Morse Code of Love
In The Still of The Night
Teenager In Love
Diamonds & Pearls
Rendezvous With You
Zoom, Zoom, Zoom
Tell Me Why
One Summer Night
Earth Angel
My Juanita
Come back my love
I’ll Be Home
Why Don’t You Write Me
Crazy For You
Let It Please Be You
Little Girl of Mine
When We Get Married
Hey Señorita
I’ve Had It
Little Star
Please Stay
Tonite, Tonite
Walking Along
Sixteen Candles
Life Is But A Dream
Baby Blue
You Belong To Me
Remember Then
Coney Island Baby
Please Say You Want Me

and the list keeps growing…