Ronnie D

Ron "Ronnie D" Derin our founder & musical director
Ron “Ronnie D” Derin our founder & musical director

Ron “Ronnie D” Derin: Our musical director and founder has perhaps the best Doo Wop credentials of any of us. Ronnie D was an original member of The Neons! If you are a fan of the genre you know their 1956 hit “Angel Face”. That particular song hit #3 on the National Charts (just behind Elvis and Prez Prado’s instrumental “Cherry Pink”.) Ronnie D and The Neons went on to create Doo Wop History with big hits like “Golden Dreams of You”, “Honey Bun” and the eternal “Road to Romance”. Once the sun set on The Neons Ronnie D started to sing in Washington Square Park for fun but with a Bass note that could  shake the cobblestones out of the street it wasn’t long before he was drafted into the wildly popular vocal group “The Creations”. These guys played to packed houses all over the Bronx & Manhattan. The Creations ultimately evolved into the fabulous Doo Wop sustaining “Free Expression” and enjoyed success through to the late nineties. When Free Expression retired the act Ron found himself a free agent again. That’s when he returned to Washington Square to recruit some new talent into his current endeavor “The New York Serenaders”bringing us to today. Ron’s roll in The New York Serenaders story is as musical director and invaluable connection to those days long ago when Doo Wop could be heard being sung on every street corner and piping out of every radio in Old New York. Ron is our leader and inspiration and we’re lucky to have him.